The process of finding a home can be difficult to navigate.  We can help in many different ways whether you are a First Time Homebuyer, Move up Buyer or an Investor.  Best of all there is typically no cost for our services!

    We are able to search the entire St. Louis City and Surrounding Counties for your next property.  We have access to all available properties regardless of which listing agent has added the property.  Our coverage area is from St. Louis City, St. Louis County, Jefferson County, St. Charles County and all areas in between.
    Every property you look at has a Sellers Agent.  That person is responsible for ensuring the seller receives the best possible price and deal.  We are not a Sellers Agent but a Buyers Agent.  This means we work for you, the Buyer, to ensure you have someone in your corner.  We will help you every step of the way from the search to closing.
    It is our job to keep up to date on changes to the real estate industry. We have networked with vendors who are at the top of their field including inspections, insurance, title insurance and more. To make it better we have negotiated for you to receive discounts and favorable pricing compared to other providers.
    Walking a property can give you a wealth of information.  Our experience will show during a property walkthrough as we share knowledge about the structure, systems, updates and potential pitfalls of each property. You can rely on us to help you avoid problem properties and identify factors that will influence your offer price.
    Once you find the property you wish to offer on, we will be able to supply you with up to the minute market data to help establish a value for the property. This data can be used to inform your offer so you know the true value of the property regardless of the price.
    With over a decade of real estate experience, you will benefit from the many transactions we have successfully closed. When we negotiate for you, we ensure that your interests are protected. Our goal is to get you the property at the lowest possible price and at terms that make sense. Some of the things we have gotten for our buyers in the past are significantly reduced prices, seller paid closing costs, extended closing dates and more!
    After the offer is accepted, the work begins. We will assist setting up inspections including a building inspection, termite, sewer and radon. We will ensure your lender has the correct paperwork to get your loan processed, and the title company is moving forward on the title investigation. We will coordinate all of the vendors and tasks that will get you to the closing table smoothly.
    After the inspections, we may find out there are several items that need to be repaired or replaced. We will help you get the seller to repair or pay for the items that were found on the inspection.
    There are many lenders out there offering many different loan products. We will be your second set of eyes to review the fees the lender is trying to charge. You will know if your lender is in line with other lenders in the area and if your interest rate is the best it can be.
    As the closing date nears, the title company will have investigated the title on the property. The purpose of this is to ensure you and the lender know there are no hidden liens or encumbrances on the property. If there are issues with the title, we will help get the issue sorted out and ensure you are not responsible for any costs associated with that lien.
    On the closing day, all of the figures from the lender, insurance, title company, and the sellers title company will have to be reviewed for accuracy. We ensure that these numbers are correct before you get to the closing table so things go smoothly at the closing.


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