Answer: Please contact us via email or via phone (314) 771-4222 or your individual property manager.
    Answer:  All we need to get started is a signed contract and a copy of your keys.   Additional information that will be needed includes copies of leases and copies of current tenant ledgers.
    Answer: If your property is currently rented we will need a copy of all current rental agreements as well as any other relevant and pertinent documentation such as credit applications, correspondence, notices sent to tenants etc.

    If you have and vendors that work at the property we will need a list of any and all contractual service items and/or vendors, including their representatives names and telephone numbers (e.g. laundry service provider, waste service provider, landscaper, pest control service contractor, Home Warranty or appliance warranty provider (s) etc.)

    If your property is located in a HOA, you will need to provide copies of the Rules and Regulations, a blank tenant registration form (if tenants are required to register.)  The names of your HOA Manager, Management Company and telephone number.

    Answer:  Reconnect Realty will evaluate your property and make a recommendation on the rental amount.  We set the final rental amount with the owner so you will have input into the process.
    Answer:  We normally ask for 1-2 months rent.  In some cases we require a pet deposit or pre-paid rent.  These special circumstances will be discussed with you prior to the placement of the tenant.
    Answer:  We typically hold the security deposit in a trust account separate from general operating funds.  If you are already holding tenant deposits prior to us taking over management, you may continue to hold them.  After we place a new tenant we will hold the new deposit.  If you prefer to hold deposits, that can be arranged, however, you will be responsible for the return of the security deposit to the tenant, which may or may not be facilitated by Reconnect Realty.
    Answer: We can handle most repair issues with our maintenance personnel.  Some services may be outsourced or sent out for a bidding process such as larger jobs.
    Answer: The vendor service fee is a fee charged when Reconnect’s maintenance department uses outside vendors to complete work on your property.  Many times we have preferred pricing and can obtain discounts up to 25% off what these vendors normally charge if you were to purchase these services direct.
    Answer: Your account reserve is an amount of money that is held in Reconnect Realty’s trust account for issues that might arise on your property. The reserve account can be funded by the owner at the time of signing up for management or it can be funded by the initial payments made by the tenant.   The reserve is kept so that owners don’t have to send emergency money to fund repairs or other issues on their property.
    Answer:  Yes, we have many systems in place to help absentee owners get the information that they require.  We have online access 24/7 for all owners to review accounts, repairs and tenant documents.  We can pay owners electronically by EFT as well.
    Answer: Reconnect Realty is a full service Real Estate Brokerage and can help will the valuation and sale of your property in addition to property management.
    Answer:  You will need to have Landlord policy naming Reconnect Realty as an additional insured, additional interest or have a provision that covers the property manager.
    Answer: The HOA’s insurance covers items in your associations documents (Roof, exterior walls etc.)  Each HOA is different with what it covers.  A private Home Owner’s policy covers the interior contents of the property (cabinets,  appliances etc.).  A Landlord policy covers owners for many different issues including liability issues.
    Answer: We require you to name us as an additional insured, additional interest or have language in the policy covering the property manager due to the great cost of litigation.  We are able to provide our service at competitive rates due in part to the owner’s Landlord policy being obligated to pick up coverage for certain issues related to the property.
    Answer: All calls are typically returned within 24 hours or by the next business day.
    Answer: We do not offer financing products at this time.


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