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Purchasing a property is stressful in itself, but Steve made the whole process virtually effortless!

He listened to my needs in a property and supplied me a bountiful list daily! I went to many different properties looking for “the one” and he was by my side, always prompt and accommodating. His extensive knowledge was truly priceless and led to exactly what I was looking for! His negotiation skills are impeccable and everything I needed during and after closing was not only laid out for me but he made all the initial contacts for home warranty coverage, home insurance, etc. I’m currently looking for another property – and yes, I couldn’t imagine working with any other agent than Steve. Thanks!


We had a great experience with Steve.

We were relatively unfamiliar with the home buying process, but Steve's knowledge of both the city and what would be required of us as buyers made it really easy. He helped us find the perfect house, and through our entire search we always felt that he had our best interests and needs in mind.


I've worked with Steve and Reconnect for three years now and they've been extremely professional, courteous, competent, and responsive.

I highly recommend them!

Michael G.

When I connected with Steve Prane for his services, I was a first time home buyer with a lot of anxiety who had been on the market for buying a home for the last couple years and had viewed over a hundred properties with another agent that just did not work out.

As soon as Steve and I started working together, he instantly made me feel comfortable because he proved to be someone who would go above and beyond to meet my expectations. He is a very articulate and knowledgeable person with many years of experience in the STL area. Steve was quickly successful in helping me find my perfect home and I am forever grateful for his services and how smooth the process went.


We have used Steve Prane as our realtor for our first house and now second purchase.

I highly recommend him to everyone. Buying and selling a house can be stressful and I felt that he helped make the process smooth and easy going. Before we found Steve we had used several other realtors that didn't work out. Steve doesn't even compare to them. He is extremely knowledgeable in the business and also is great at being able to visualize potential in a home. Our overall experience has been just wonderful!


We are new to renting.

He explained everything in the lease in concise manner. We really appreciated that. He was also very patient with, what I am certain were, our very basic questions.


Steve helped me purchase my first home.

No matter how much you plan, the purchasing process can be a bit overwhelming, but Steve was always there to guide, answer questions and provide alternative solutions.

Amy Meier

Steve is an EXCELLENT realtor!

I have had the pleasure of working with him through the purchase three properties... two investment properties and my personal residence. I can honestly say his work ethic and professionalism were outstanding throughout all three transactions. When I first started working with Steve, I was living out-of-state. He was able to streamline the process and show me properties that fit the criteria I was looking for AND arrange to show them to me during weekends because I was flying in from out of town. His local knowledge of STL, especially the nuances of various neighborhoods is unparalleled, and just as importantly if not more, he is able to intelligently advise you on every aspect of the home buying process, including the cost of renovations, the value of upgrades, resale-ability and anything else you can think of. To top it off, his connections literally saved my mortgage process on one of my purchases, which I may have not been able to complete successfully without his direct loan officer referral. If you're even considering buying in the STL area, stop thinking and give Steve a call. He made sure to look out for my best interests above everyone else and I have no doubt he would do that for you.


I have worked with Steve and Reconect Realty for about 5 years now and I am impressed each time I need help.

Steve's response time is FAST and his knowledge of real estate has kept me from making costly mistakes. I have recommended Steve to some of my friends and they have always thanked me because of the service and peace of mind that Steve provides. I actually give Steve and Reconnect Realty 10 stars!


My husband and I had a really fantastic experience with Reconnect Realty and Steve Prane.

As first time home buyers, we were unfamiliar with the whole process, but we felt very informed and at ease having Steve as our realtor. He is very knowledgeable and really familiar with the Saint Louis area. He was also very accommodating of our unusual schedules, which helped alleviate any stress that we had about viewing homes. We would definitely recommend him and Reconnect Realty to anyone looking to buy or rent. In our personal experience, Steve was extremely friendly, professional, and easy to talk with.

Sandra S.

I have purchased several properties with Steve as my agent.

He did a wonderful job! Everything went smoothly and he was always willing to accomodate any special requests I had. I was able to find the property that was just right for my needs. I highly recommend using his services.


Steve helped me purchase my first home.

He was always available and ready to answer questions. He showed knowledge of changes that we wanted to make to homes, and was able to give us a price range. Very helpful.


Steve and David of Reconnect is a winning combination!

They both helped me to rent my property. There follow through from start to finish was outstanding! I would highly recommend Reconnect and would use them again!

Mike Jennewein

I've worked with this company before.

I was looking for investment property and called them up. Not only did the owner give me free advice he made sure all my questions were answered and even recommended some options that wouldn't benefit their organization. Nice to see integrity isn't lost in business today. Next time I buy a property I'm calling Reconnect.

Joe H.

We have used Reconnect to purchase 3 homes and sell 2 of them.

Steve is great to work with. Some of the homes that we have purchased needed work done and he is great at helping visualize possibilities and he knows what is within a realistic budget of work. You don't want to purchase a home with amazing expectations and find out that the work you were planning cost more than you could afford. We highly recommend Steve!

Mia M.

When I first met Steve at Reconnect Realty I was ready to sell my investment property and be done with the whole mess.

It takes a special person to deal with tenants and I am now not ashamed to say that I can't. Steve on the other hand can and does it the very best. I am now so glad that I didn't sell because Steve gave me peace of mind. I give him 5 stars because when it comes to the property management portion of Reconnect Realty, he is the best!

James M.

Steve was a great find for me and the 4 family flat I had in South St.

Louis. I had the property for 7 years and lost money every year. I never once got all 4 rents in a month and there was always repairs and headaches and vacancies. It was extremely difficult to find good resources for repairs and maintenance. I used many resources to help with finding tenets and never had any luck to speak of. At one point I hired another management company for about 6 months and they did not present one tenet or even one application for me to review. They only managed to find lots of repairs to do every month and the company was a net drain on me the entire time. I found Reconnect a few months ago and Steve went to work immediately. Necessary repairs were completed at a reasonable rate and timely manner. He worked with me to get one unit updated at a time and then once rented we would go to work on the next unit. Once we had three units rented and the 4th unit updated and rent ready we put the property on the market. I got offers immediately and accepted a cash offer within 3 weeks and closed in another 2 weeks. What a blessing and what a load off. I live one hour away from the property and until I found this company it was a nightmare. I highly recommend Reconnect Reality and give them the highest rating possible. More that satisfied!!! Ray

Ray Gaither

I've purchased many investment homes with Steve's help, and will continue to use his professional services.

Person to person, short sale and foreclosure, HUD, he's helped with all. Very satisfied.


I have rented from Reconnect Realty for a couple years and recently moved from one of their units.

They were pretty easy to deal with to get approved, though I had to submit extra information which I guess is thorough but good to know they take screening seriously. They helped me get the unit I preferred on the 2nd floor, and got the owner to approve a couple things that I requested be completed before I moved in. During the lease, they seemed to respond to any maintenance issues quickly and were easy to reach if I had a question. I even referred a friend to one of their other units and they gave me a thank you gift which was very cool. As far as property managers go, they were a good company and I would rent from them again.

Michelle P.

Steve was friendly and professional.

I enjoyed my interactions with him. He negotiated with my landlord and got me $300 off of my rent for the year plus a new refrigerator because the old one was really bad.I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a house or an apartment


We have worked with Steve to purchase 3 homes and sell two of them over the years.

We have been extremely happy with his services! We highly recommend him.


I've been renting from Steve for a year now and am very impressed by all of the positive renting experiences I've had with him.

I love Dave Mannion, who typically shows the rental units, and am pleased to say that any issues I've had have been responded to in an efficient and timely manner, and the new maitnence crew is also great! Highly recommend!

Katie Pogue

I am a property owner and have been working with Steve and Dave at Reconnect for around 4 years for their property management services.

I have worked with several property management companies in the past and have found that they are responsible and fair in their work, timely and honest. My experience with them is head and shoulders above other agencies I have used. They are selective in the tenants they place for my units which makes for a better long term rental experience. I have been very happy with their service. I would rate a 4.5 if yelp would let me.

Jody M.

I use ReConnect for some rental property in the city of St.

Louis and they do a good job.

Kris B.

I say this with one caveat - I have only been a Reconnect tenant for 2 weeks, at this point.

That said, Benjamin, David, and Steve at Reconnect Realty have been excellent to me, throughout my tenancy with them thus far. David made promises around certain things at the unit I chose to rent being handled by the time I moved in, and that has been done. His presentation of the units I was considering and respect for my comfort levels during a global pandemic were also impressive. He was also thorough in his explanation of the rental and move-in process, expectations around the sort of neighbors I would have (noise is never an issue, and that's part of their expectations - I love this), and even made sure to include my bearded dragon in the lease to ensure there are never any issues around its being here. While my interactions with Steve have been minimal and all business, his attention to detail and dedication to ensuring the terms of the lease are clearly understood prior to signing are greatly appreciated. I also had an incident with identity theft (completely unrelated) ON my moving day, and Steve worked with me regarding my checks for rent and deposit to guarantee I was able to resolve that issue comfortably. In addition, Steve would have aided in communication behind the scene with the actual property owner regarding the issue Benjamin helped resolve for me. Benjamin has been wonderful, as well. Benjamin has been my point of contact involving replacing the fridge which was present in the unit, when I moved in. I'll be honest, I was shocked to find my freezer to be borderline non-functional shortly after getting settled in here - meat wasn't freezing thoroughly, and my celebratory ice cream was more or less soup. That said, Benjamin spearheaded efforts to get it diagnosed within a couple of days, and I now have a new, working fridge and freezer (my ice cream is ice cream, again!). Again, I've only lived here a couple of weeks so far, and this process would have taken a number of steps to approve - they got it taken care of quite promptly, and I'm happy to have not lost any food to this issue. I cook on the daily, so this would have been a huge financial loss for me. I won't lie, I'm worried about all the negative I see on others' reviews - but, especially given that the circumstances leading to my move weren't ideal, and Reconnect's team have done nothing but impress me, thus far. This is especially welcome, given the state of the world in 2020, and my move taking place at the head of December (never fun). I'm hoping this positive relationship with my Leasor continues for the duration of my tenancy, as I have truly been nothing but impressed, thus far.

Matthew P.

Steve went to work right away to meet our needs, got the house requirements right, worked well with the seller in negotiating a fair price and got us through a very difficult closing day (due to the fault of our lender, not his).

Steve knows the market in the area where we were interested, he knows where the hazards are, and he did a terriffic job of translating our list of musts into a realistic property and a successful purchase.

Mike Mcgaughran

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